Where would you like to serve?

Thank you for considering a volunteer role with the Board of REALTORS and/or MLS! We need the input, perspective and expertise of many to make our services great.  We hope to find a perfect fit for your talents.

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Please select any choice below to be considered by the President for appointment. Please note: not all groups have vacancies but we will retain your information for consideration when one becomes available. 

Affiliate Ambassadors
Awards Selection Committee
Board & MLS Nominating Committees
Contract & Forms Committee
Finance Committee
Housing Fund Trustee
Personnel Committee

Please select any group to be included in the mailing list for the next meeting and to be included on the committee information that is shared between meetings. All groups meet typically no more than once every two months, unless you volunteer for a specific project or program. 

Advocacy, Government Affairs
Community Service & Fundraisers
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Town Monitors & Local Engagement
Website Auditors

Please indicate if you are interested in serving in any of the following capacities so that we can make sure you have access to training that will quality you for service. These groups are amazing ways to hone your REALTOR skills and serve in a position of integrity and professionalism. 

Professional Standards (Includes Citation, Grievance, Tribunal and Appeal Panel service)
Mediation (face to face dispute resolution)
Ombudsman (quick handling of disputes by phone)

While this list always changes, there are opportunities that crop up during any year that require us to go out to our membership to solicit help, expertise and information. If you would like to be considered for one of these "quick one-and-done types of engagement, please let us know why types of service that interests you!

Advertising, Marketing or Social Media
Brokerage Support / DR Input
Community Service
Fundraising Events
Housing Stability / Growth
Issues Mobilization
Party / Big Events
Technology or MLS
Training / Education
Other Idea (Please Share below!)